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What's the character of 304 material ?

What's the character of 304 material ?

Update Time:2017-10-03

AISI 304(American Standard) is also named EN 1.4301( Europe Norm), which has capacity of high corrosion resistance, mechanic property and surface processing. It mainly contains Cr 18%, Ni 8%~10%, C≤0.08%,Mn 2%, Si 1%, P 0.045%, S 0.03%.


Chemical element of stainless steel efficiently impacts the performance of corrosion resistance and working time. Lower Cr% and Ni% or higher C% directly affect the performance of corrosion resistance. Higher C% is harmful to mechanic property.  Crevice and break are usually appear when stainless steel is bending and stamping. Peeling, sand hole, and crevice will also appear after polishing. They caused by the excessive harmful elements such as phosphor and sulfur.