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The difference of Finery and Intermediate frequency furnace

The difference of Finery and Intermediate frequency furnace

Update Time:2017-10-03


During the refining process, the oxygen andintert gases (argon and nitrogen) will be blown into the liquid steel to makean effect of false vacuum. Therefore, it can decrease the content of carbon andresist the chromium from oxidized. As for the stainless steel material whichproduced by this way, the quality will be relatively high and good in extension.

Intermediate frequency furnace

1.The carbon content of stainless steel which made by intermediate frequency furnace is very high and will be hard tocontrol. Since it could not be form into a vacuum situation like refiningfurnace.

2.There is no desulfuration anddephosphorization process for intermediate frequency furnace, so it will causethe issue of over phosphorus and sulfur.

    3.After the next production processing,the ingot steel in the same furnace willhave a little difference in their material.

    4. Itdo not have the function of slag, which is easy to appear trachoma, cracks,peeling and other issues when making the surface processing craft.