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What's your package?

What's your package?

Update Time:2017-10-02

Our packing can be adjusted according to the customer's actual situation and requirements,we have different packing materials like hollow sheets, woven bags steel crates and wooden boxes.The packing looks nice,and also very convenient for customer to load or unload goods.


Inner packaging : 1. Commonly, we packed each tube into a plastic bag.

                          2. some customer are require to pack each tube into a paper bag. The paper bag may protect well with the tube and it will cost



Outside packaging:  

1. Hollow sheet package: It usually used for the customer who are deliver the tubes by machine. It normally use by the customers from Europe and North America.


2. Weaving bag packaging : It usually used for the customers who are deliver the tubes by manual. Most of the customers from middle east countries may request it.


3. Wooden case: This kind of package is good for the protection of the tube, especially for the short tubes. The customers who have high requirement of the protection of tube may need wood case packaging.


4. Steel crateSteel box also good for the protection of the tubes. It’s normally used for the tubes in LCL shipment.