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How to clean the stainless steel ?

How to clean the stainless steel ?

Update Time:2019-07-31
The cleaners of  stainless steel can be kept while in storage being processed or during use, the greater the assurance of optimum corroison resistance. Some tips on the care of stainless steel are listed below:

1.Use paper or other, protective wrapping on the surface of the stainless steel until processing is complete.

2. Handle stainless steel with clean gloves or cloths to guard against stains or finger marks.

3.Avoid the use of oily rags or greasy cloths when wiping the surface. 

4. Do routine cleaning of expose surfaces. Buildings wiht window  washing systems can utilize this method to  clean exterior panels.

5. Where possible , after cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water.

6. Cleaning with chloride-containing, detergents must be avoided.

7. Even the finest cleaning powders can scrath or burnish a mill-rolled finish. On polished finishes, rubbing or wiping should be done in the direction of the polishines. Not across them.

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