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How does stainless steel keep water clean?

How does stainless steel keep water clean?

Update Time:2020/5/22
  • It is so important that water is kept clean, not just for our health but for the environment as well. Stainless steel can be used to improve the cleanliness of water. The list below shows how stainless steel can help keep water cleaner:

  • Stainless steel pipes for drinking systems help to keep water clean and quality standards high. Stainless steel guarantees lasting hygiene and prevents the formation of any medium on which bacteria can grow. Correct grade selection will minimise the risk of any localised corrosion, meaning there is practically no contamination of water in contact with the stainless steel. Leaching levels of nickel and chromium have also been proven to be less than the maxima permitted by the European Drinking Water Directive.

  • Waste water plants are using stainless steel in the transportation of waste water products, due to the possible corrosive nature of the water. Stainless steels durability and low maintenance also make it the best material to use. Therefore the reason for stainless steel is to maximise service life and to minimise malfunctioning.

  • Stainless steels are also being used for piping which is needed to decontaminate waste water before it is filtered back into the rivers and soil. Due to the unpredictable nature of the contaminated water, stainless steel is needed to ensure the sufficient corrosion properties are in place.

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