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Stainless Steel welded tube industry in Foshan (Part One)

Stainless Steel welded tube industry in Foshan (Part One)

December 30,2020

As the biggest stainless steel welded tube production base in China, there are thousand of large and small stainless steel welded tube factories in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. Their major products are mainly apply in building, decoration, construction etc and it especially used in stainless steel handrail, doors and windows.


In China, most of the people from city and countryside are using stainless steel handrail, windows and door when they building their new house. Therefore, the market is very big for the stainless steel tube and its quantity demand is over than 5000 thousand in each year.


Because of its huge quantity demand, motivation of the industry and lack of quality standard from actual users. The stainless steel tube quality in Foshan city are irregularity.

foshan stainless steel welded tube industry