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our adventage

1All of the raw materials of Vinmay are from highquality suppliers such as BAOSTEEL,TISCO,TSINGSHAN,ad so on,so that we can makesure the stability and rust corrosion resistance of our products.


2. We can meet the requirements ofelectroplating,fine polishing and other application as the result of goodsmoothness and brightness of our tubes without any pitting,sand hole. As forthe mirror polish square/rectangular tube , we will polish them at least fourtimes.


3.We established strict quality inspection system andscientific examination standards.  All ofour products should be produced strictly with the ISO9001-2008 qualitymanagement system and ASTM A554 quality standard. Our quality inspectorsmonitor the tubes in each production processes from raw material,tubewelding,polishing,packaging. What’s more,we record the inspection data everytwo hours.


4.we have experienced engineers and qualityinspection teams and an individual Document operation department which incharge of making the exporting documents.


5.Focus on exporting, we have exported to more than50 countries,which mainly in North America and Europe.